Maximum Technology Celebrates 25 Years!

Maximum Technology Celebrates 25 Years!

Maximum Technology, along with the Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce, cut the ribbon to celebrate 25 years in business. Kris Ison, Maximum President, surrounded by family, friends and industry colleagues, honored Maximum Technology’s past and set the course for the next 25 years.

“We believe our work approach is significantly agile to create an environment of flexibility. As real-world changes occur, Maximum Technology is poised to be responsive and lean forward to mitigating risks while providing impactful solutions. We believe Maximum Technology stands out above our competition through our experience and expertise, our tools, our approach to customer service, best practices processes, quality standards, and fostering a culture of an agile environment,” said Ison.

Welcome Rick Colston!

Maximum is excited to welcome back Rick Colston!

Rick rejoined Maximum after previously being with the company for 11 years. He has 40 years experience in software development, modeling and simulation, test and evaluation, data analysis and data visualization supporting Missile Defense and NASA programs. When not developing software, Rick enjoys spending time with family, researching family history, and volunteering with his church in support of children and youth activities.

Kids Day at Maximum Technology

Maximum Technology Celebrates Kids' Thirst for Knowledge

Maximum Technology celebrates kids’ search for knowledge through STEM, and the importance of hands-on learning. This year’s Kids Day was an opportunity for our interns to educate kids about LiDAR (light detection and ranging), Maximum president, Kris Ison, hosted activities that demonstrated engineering principles, and one of our team’s engineers facilitated the launching of homemade rockets. Finding fun ways to educate our future workforce about jobs and experiences through STEM is one way Maximum Technology is helping the community.

Maximum Technology night with the Trash Pandas

Maximum Technology Throws First Pitch

In early August, our Maximum team had a great evening under the lights as the Rocket City Trash Pandas played the Chattanooga Lookouts. To get the game started, company president, Kris Ison, threw the opening pitch. Providing opportunities for our team to have fun together and with their families is part of Maximum Technology’s mission.  

Maximum Family Fun Picnic

Maximum Technology Brings Families Together

To celebrate a successful year and our team’s accomplishments, we hosted our annual picnic onsite with games, contests and plenty of food. This was an opportunity to say “Thank You” to each of our employees and their loved ones.

Maximum Technology – 2021 Best Places to Work®

Each year, we celebrate businesses that create an excellent workplace culture through employee engagement, strong leadership and excellent communication. Congratulations to all 2021 Best Places to Work® contenders!

Our 2021 Best Places to Work® event is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31, 2021.  It will be in-person!  Registration will open soon, and we hope you’ll join us for this awards luncheon as we honor the “best of the best” member businesses in the Tennessee Valley.

SMALL: 25-50 employees

Amanda Steinmetz joins team as Systems Engineer

Amanda Steinmetz joins team as Systems Engineer

Amanda joined the Maximum Technology Corporation team in 2018 and continues to excel as a consummate professional servicing our valued customers and seeking challenging opportunities to learn and grow. Effective in January 2021, Amanda joined a deployed team supporting a tactical asset for the missile defense system as a Systems Engineer. We are proud to have her represent Maximum Technology Corporation’s core values. “During my time with Maximum Technology Corporation, they have helped me pursue opportunities I never thought possible. I love working for a company that supports their employees’ ambitions and helps them pursue their goals. I’m excited to be working in this new position!”

Welcome MTC Intern Class of 2020!

Welcome MTC Intern Class of 2020

MTC is excited to welcome our Class of 2020 interns who are performing a variety of meaningful tasks that will grow their skill sets while serving our customers. These young professionals are focused on finding solutions to challenging problems, from business development to radar mapping, they have come together as a unit to deliver results. Let’s meet them!

Kyle Fletcher: Sophomore, University of Alabama in Huntsville, majoring in Computer Science. Kyle focuses on the development of a user-friendly radar mapping GUI using his knowledge in C++ programming.

Randi Hardin: Senior, Mississippi State University, majoring in Civil Engineering. Randi is exploring the SIMDIS mapping capabilities, while studying the details of radar classes and sub-classes implied in the SIMDIS GUI.

Taylor Willingham: Junior, University of Alabama in Huntsville, majoring in Systems Engineering. Taylor uses her knowledge in MATLAB coding to index and optimize geographic data, while documenting team-progress for bi-weekly updates of systems requirements.

Andrew Heil: Junior, University of Alabama in Huntsville, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Andrew uses his knowledge in MATLAB coding to construct a method of estimating a radar line-of-sight, while forming an efficient data storage technique.

Libby Fleming: Graduate, University of Alabama in Huntsville, majored in Chemical Engineering. Libby is creating numerous MATLAB programs using her knowledge in calculus applications to optimize the placement of a radar with respect to its surrounding terrain.

Calista Sylvester:  Junior, University of Alabama in Huntsville, majoring in Business Administration.  Calista is focused on researching organizations to find new opportunities, developing quotes and proposals for clients, and attending conferences, meetings, and industry events.

Welcome MTC intern Class of 2019

Back: Michelle Dahlberg and Randi Hardin. Front: Phillip Ray and Bradley Fleming.
Back: Randi Hardin. Front: Zach Ranta, Phillip Ray and Bradley Fleming.

Welcome MTC intern Class of 2019

During the summer, the Maximum Technology Corporation office welcomes a new class of interns, majoring in a wide range of subjects and from various universities. This year the team welcomed five interns who worked on everything from database management, to Python programming and implementing Office 365 products. The interns have been busy and hard at work the past few months, but still managed to find a little time to for some fun. Welcome our Intern Class of 2019:

Michelle Dahlberg, senior, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in information systems. Engineering and software companies can’t survive without their databases, and Michelle was an integral in maintaining and building databases the teams needed to work with their clients effectively.

Bradley Fleming, sophomore, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in computer engineering. MATLAB and Python programming languages are some of the primary software programs used at MTC, and Bradley had the opportunity to learn how to use each effectively.

Randi Hardin, junior, Mississippi State University, majoring in civil engineering. Like Bradley, Randi increased her knowledge of popular programming softwares MATLAB and Python.

Zach Ranta, senior, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in electrical engineering. Working in an office that specializes in data analysis, systems engineering and field testing, offers a lot for interns to study, and Zach’s role was assisting our engineering teams with their specialized needs.

Phillip Ray, sophomore, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in information systems and concentrating in cyber security. Office 365 is used in many offices across the country, and Phillip learned how to oversee, troubleshoot and implement many of the its products.
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