Our expertise in data analysis was built by providing clarity on some of the country’s most sophisticated and complex government and military projects. We develop fast, efficient data mining tools for our clients, which gives them the ability to quickly understand large quantities of information and make well-informed decisions. The process of data analysis is ongoing, and our team has successfully proven it can manage “Big Data” and the challenges associated with Velocity, Variety and Volume.

Our team is skilled at developing software from design and implementation, to testing and maintenance. Changes are part of any project, which is why we offer configuration and change management support to ensure all upgrades and changes are properly tracked and documented.

Many clients may need custom tools for their project and we have years of experience developing successful tools to support automation, productivity, decision support and “Big Data” management. Once all the necessary tools are in place, our team provides agile development and continuous integration through automated testing to ensure quality and prevent requirement drift.

Our team of systems engineers are specialists at developing:

  • System design
  • System documentation
  • Requirements development
  • Test and evaluation
  • Verification and validation
  • Change and configuration management

Our operation services include:

  • Hardware and software operation of tactical systems, within Hardware In the Loop testing (HWIL).
  • On-site field services in support of deployed tests and assets.
  • System maintenance and sustainment operations of deployed and HWIL systems.
  • Configuration management and quality support to ensure tests and system are properly maintained and executed.
  • Proven track record of execution support.
  • Experience in data management to ensure customer data integrity is maintained and data is available in a fast, efficient and secure manner.
  • Surge support experience.