Software Engineering

Why Maximum Technology

We find the right tool for the job or we will build one that does. Our Team of skilled, expert software engineers provide development from design and implementation, to testing and maintenance. By executing automated tests that identify known cybersecurity defects, we can assess each phase of the software lifecycle to preemptively capture vulnerabilities. Years of developing successful, custom tools, makes us leaders in our field of “Big Data” management.

Our Software Specialties

Software Accomplishments

We regularly perform rigorous testing of new and upgraded software versions. Our team developed a verification and validation system for testing before release into formal testing environment. We develop, maintain and upgrade data collection, reduction, reformatting and visualization toolsets. 

Data Analytics

Why Maximum Technology

We have a history of working to get the right data in the right form, while saving clients time and money. Years of processing test and simulation data encouraged us to better understand the value of underutilized gigabytes of data. We make sure that the data customers intend to collect is what is needed to accomplish or understand the objective.

Our Data Analysis Specialties

Data Analysis Accomplishments

We strive to be the very best at finding the order in the chaos of data. Our team has developed several tools and processes for reduction and storage of large data sets, including database and hdf5 storage methods. Efficient data storage allows for rapid access and analyses of the data provided, often with significant savings in I/O overhead and processing time.

System Test and Evaluation

Why Maximum Technology

We provide test and evaluation support to sensors for military ground and flight test events. Our team ensures all our customer solutions are scalable and flexible to meet the dynamic needs of our partners. Surge support to CONUS and OCONUS locations is our team’s normal business operations and has been for decades. 

Our Test and Evaluation Specialties

Test and Evaluation Accomplishments

We provide engineering support to collect test requirements, identify asset availability and define deficiencies. Continuous integration, automated testing, and sprint retrospectives allow us to speed up the testing process and produce a more stable and reliable product. Our team has led the effort in developing robust, highly agile custom analysis tools that meet rapid and accurate client support needs.

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