Kris Ison, President
Natalie D. Greene, Vice President of Operations

Maximum Technology Supports the Warfighter

Maximum Technology proudly celebrated our 25th anniversary in August 2021, and over these last 25 years we have matured into a company with a proven track record of high-quality performance, outstanding employees, and exceptional customer service. Truly we pride ourselves on delivering an agile response in an agile world. Maximum Technology recognizes that quality of performance and quality of service are critical to business success. Maximum Technology maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification, and our quality policy to continually improve in serving our customers and exceeding their expectations is the driving force behind all efforts. 

Maximum Technology’s employees are our strongest asset, and it is through our experienced technical staff that we provide our customers with improved capability and actionable insight to meet their cost, schedule, and performance needs. We strive to hire not only the best and the brightest, but people who will fit within our corporate family and culture. We maintain the highest of standards for employees while supporting them in their professional and personal goals. Our employees feel valued and respected, and their satisfaction flows out to our customers. We ensure that our employees have opportunities to train and further develop their skills so that they not only meet but surpass customer expectations. 

We find the right tool for the job, or we will build one that does. Our team of skilled, expert software engineers provide development from design and implementation to testing and maintenance. We regularly perform rigorous testing of new and upgraded software versions. Our team developed a verification and validation system for testing before release into formal testing environment. We develop, maintain and upgrade data collection, reduction, reformatting and visualization toolsets. Years of developing successful, custom tools, makes Maximum Technology leaders in our field of “Big Data” management.

We have a solid history of working to get the right data in the right form, while saving clients both time and money. Years of processing test and simulation data encouraged us to better understand the value of underutilized gigabytes of data. We make sure that the data customers intend to collect is what is needed to accomplish or understand the objective. We strive to be the very best at finding the order in the chaos of data. Our team has developed several tools and processes for reduction and storage of large data sets, including database and HDF5 storage methods. Efficient data storage allows for rapid access and analyses of the data provided, often with significant savings in overhead and processing time.

Maximum Technology has established itself through quality and trust as a cost-effective solution provider for a variety of agencies across several programs. We achieve this through a strong customer focus to provide solutions to meet the needs of our end users and the warfighters. Maximum Technology has incorporated the agile mindset of embracing change and providing value in all our core disciplines. Maximum Technology is also poised to rapidly expand our top secret rated facilities should the need arise. Adjacent to our current facilities is approximately 12,000 square feet of expansion opportunity which could accommodate additional personnel or lab requirements. Additionally, we are prepared to establish satellite offices if needed to best support our customer.

Key features of Maximum Technology’s customer service are accessibility and responsiveness. We maintain a flat organizational structure that provides for both quick decision-making and reduced overhead cost which allows us to offer the most competitive rates possible. A benefit of small companies is often direct lines of communication, and this is especially true of Maximum Technology. We have a dedicated leadership core with strong relationships that enable collaboration and short lines of internal communication so that we can respond rapidly and reliably to contract changes. We take personal ownership in the success of each project and build relationships with our customers that have resulted in longevity and growth. We quickly adapt to the fast-changing environment within the world of defense contracting and technology developments. Maximum Technology customers can expect a dedicated program manager to engage early and often to insure effective communication, execution, and corrective actions during contract administration and performance. 

We believe our work approach is significantly agile to create an environment of flexibility. As real-world changes occur, Maximum Technology is poised to be responsive and lean forward to mitigating risks while providing impactful solutions. We believe Maximum Technology stands out above our competition through our experience and expertise, our tools, our approach to customer service, best practices processes, quality standards, and fostering a culture of an agile environment.       

Diversity and Inclusion

Maximum Technology is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we value and respect experiences that are different from our own. To achieve these goals within the Maximum Technology workplace, employees are expected to play an integral role in maintaining a discrimination and harassment-free work environment and to treat colleagues and customers with dignity, respect, and professionalism. Maximum Technology aspires to foster a culture of open-mindedness and compassion, and to establish and support an all-inclusive community that welcomes the different perspectives individuals bring as shaped by diverse experiences. We acknowledge that equity, diversity and inclusion are active processes that promote healthy people, businesses and communities and require continuous commitment on the part of Maximum Technology’s leadership and its employees

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