Back: Michelle Dahlberg and Randi Hardin. Front: Phillip Ray and Bradley Fleming.

Back: Randi Hardin. Front: Zach Ranta, Phillip Ray and Bradley Fleming.

Welcome MTC intern Class of 2019

During the summer, the Maximum Technology Corporation office welcomes a new class of interns, majoring in a wide range of subjects and from various universities. This year the team welcomed five interns who worked on everything from database management, to Python programming and implementing Office 365 products. The interns have been busy and hard at work the past few months, but still managed to find a little time to for some fun. Welcome our Intern Class of 2019:

Michelle Dahlberg, senior, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in information systems. Engineering and software companies can’t survive without their databases, and Michelle was an integral in maintaining and building databases the teams needed to work with their clients effectively.

Bradley Fleming, sophomore, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in computer engineering. MATLAB and Python programming languages are some of the primary software programs used at MTC, and Bradley had the opportunity to learn how to use each effectively.

Randi Hardin, junior, Mississippi State University, majoring in civil engineering. Like Bradley, Randi increased her knowledge of popular programming softwares MATLAB and Python.

Zach Ranta, senior, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in electrical engineering. Working in an office that specializes in data analysis, systems engineering and field testing, offers a lot for interns to study, and Zach’s role was assisting our engineering teams with their specialized needs.

Phillip Ray, sophomore, University of Alabama Huntsville, majoring in information systems and concentrating in cyber security. Office 365 is used in many offices across the country, and Phillip learned how to oversee, troubleshoot and implement many of the its products.

About Maximum Technology Corporation

Maximum Technology Corporation is an innovative small business, with corporate headquarters located in Huntsville, Ala. Their primary focus is providing Department of Defense customers with efficient, cost-effective and innovative solutions in the areas of data management, software engineering, system engineering, test and evaluation support, information technology and information system security.