About MTC

Maximum Technology Corporation (MTC) is an innovative small business, with its Corporate Headquarters located in Huntsville, Alabama. We specialize in government contracts, in the arenas of missile defense, nuclear research and engineering support, health and human services, administrative services and validation and verification efforts throughout the system development process.

MTC is Customer and Family first. Owner Mickey Crutcher would have it no other way. He has carefully structured the company to be flexible to Customer requirements and Family needs. Mickey believes that while growth is important, it does not take precedence over current Customers and providing a Family Friendly environment.

The owners are especially concerned about family and community support. The company provides financial support, equipment and software purchase and installation and labor hours support to local children centers, elementary and high schools, colleges and universities. At MTC we do not need a special day for parents to bring their kids to work, our employees’ children are welcomed and celebrated at MTC.