MTC Employment - General Benefits

FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS - We appreciate the hectic schedule we all must keep. MTC offers flexible work hours to help accommodate our busy lives.

PAID HOLIDAYS - We all need our holidays to spend time with family and friends. MTC provides it's employees 10 holidays per year closely following the standard government schedule.

ANNUAL LEAVE - We all need time off either for much needed vacations or illnesses. MTC provides annual leave which combines sick and vacation leave.

MERIT BONUSES - Sometimes an employee puts forth that extra effort or works those late hours to get the job done. MTC extends merit bonuses to all of it's employees awarded for job performance.

401 K PLAN - Now is the time to be planning for your family's future. Our generous 401K plan has numerous investment options available to you.

Candidates interested in pursuing a career with MTC are encouraged to apply by emailing their resume to: or by faxing their resume to MTC at (256) 864-0610. MTC is an equal opportunity employer.