About Us

Maximum Technology Corporation (MTC) is an innovative HUBZone small business - with our Corporate Headquarters located in Huntsville, Alabama. We focus on providing our DoD customers with efficient, cost-effective, innovative solutions in the areas of data management, software engineering, system engineering, test and evaluation support, information technology, information system security. Our administration services division provides administrative support and event planning/management to the Centers for Disease Control.

At MTC, our primary goal is to provide excellent customer service. Our company is structured to be readily flexible to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our employees and our support into the overall “bigger picture”. Our success in this can be seen in our long-term relationships with our present customers.

At MTC we are especially concerned about family and community support. The company provides financial support, equipment and software purchase and installation and labor hours support to local children centers, charities, elementary and high schools, colleges and universities.

Maximum Technology Officers

  • Kristoffer Ison


    Over 15 years experience managing government projects including software engineering, data analytics, system engineering, test and evaluation, and information systems security.

  • Natalie Greene

    Vice President

  • Carol Holland

    Technical Director

    Over 32 years systems engineering experience, including program management, analysis, test & evaluation support, and model and simulation (M&S) support - for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) missile defense programs.

  • Mickey Crutcher


    Over 21 years experience developing software and managing large government contracts to include facility maintenance, computer operations, engineering and test bed operations.